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Student Testimonial


Student Testimonials

We are take pride in our courses and student success.  Don’t take our word for it though, see what some of our former students have to say about their experience.

I enjoyed this class so much! Ms. Pam is the best instructor with useful resources. I highly recommend Bay Area Academy of Real Estate courses and material.

Annie Ondo

Pamela V really knows her stuff! You might feel overwhelmed with an overload of information the first several days, but as Pamela is explaining the ins & the outs, it will all fit together like a puzzle by the end of the class. I highly recommend her!

Ashley Cruz

Ms. Pam at Bay Area Academy of Real Estate is the real deal! She’s knowledgeable, caring, supportive, and fun! I found her school by searching online and ultimately decided to attend her pre-license class based off all her wonderful reviews - and let me say, I wasn’t disappointed! Now here I am writing my own review saying choose Ms. Pam if you are considering real estate!! She will set you up for success! Thank you, Ms. Pam, for putting your heart into all you do for your students!

Mikayla Miller

I waited to give my review UNTIL I passed the State Exam which I did, and yes on the first try. I can say without any hesitation now, that this is definitely one of the best instructors I've had and the most thorough in preparing me to pass the exam on my first attempt. The reason I can say this is because I've had my real estate License in 2014 but let it lapse when I moved out of state. I came back and had to take the entire course all over and my previous school was no longer to be found. I was worried because I had also passed in the first try from my previous school and I could not find them or the teacher. So after a lot of research I chose Bay Area Academy. One of the other reasons was because my wife had been to another BIG NAME TAMPA BAY AREA school and she did not pass the state exam and I found out that the main reason was they were only really prepping her and students to pass the CLASSROOM exam (required) vs. the STATE exam!

The bottom line is this instructor and owner of the school (Pam) is second to none. Right from the start She makes you use 2 highlighters as she goes through the text book: 1 for what will be on the CLASSROOM test (must pass with a 70 or above) and the other highlighter for the what you need to know for the STATE test. Brilliant. AND as a bonus she offers an app (and I think she’s the ONLY school that does this) for her custom made IPHONE FLASH CARDS that she created herself and that were SO friggin awesome! This was huge because it allowed me to be able to study on my I phone ANYTIME (like ya know…sittin anywhere that you might normally look at your phone! ;-). Okay. Nuff said.

Finally Pam the instructor/owner is very likely one of the few teachers licensed to teach for MULTIPLE STATE EXAMS! Like this lady KNOWS what’s up. She is very active in her industry and is like an authority GIANT in the entire exam school space/industry.

So all that to say… if you’re SERIOUS about passing the Florida real estate exam let this be your sign…to sign up with Bay Area Academy so you can ACE that test!

Scott Yarosz

If I could give Pam 10 stars I would! First of all, she is passionate about her students. She does everything in her power to make difficult information easier to understand by adding stories and points to help you LEARN. Her goal is for each student to succeed and these qualities are hard to find in most instructors. Pam is very patient and accommodating, and made everyone feel like one big team. If you want the best experience going through a real estate class, please look no further! She’s simply amazing❤️. I plan on doing my state prep and post licensing education with Bay Area Academy!

Trina Mariner

Pam is the best period!! The reviews don't lie!! She is an incredible instructor, her knowledge of basically everything pertaining to real estate is immense. The way she ties all that in with real experiences she has had made it so much more understandable and easy to retain and remember everything. She keeps smaller class sizes which is perfect so you don't get lost in the crowd and end up not having things answered or explained. I truly recommend this school everyone there is awesome! 100 percent doing my post license with this school. Thank you Pam!!!!

Armin Reszic

We finished our course today, my brain was about to explode but we did it… everyone passed thanks to our wonderful instructor Pamela!!! She is the best and I’m so so so glad I chose this school. I would recommend this school to anyone & everyone. She is amazing!!!!! 5x1000000 stars! 5 stars to her assistants (her 2 daughters) as well!!!!!!!

Rina Rabenstein

Best class around very informative. Today I passed my test and it felt amazing. Pamela will teach you what you need to know just pay attention that is key and study. THANKS AGAIN PAMELA!!!!

Angel Camacho

Great school! Pam is a great instructor and she made it fun and interesting. The way she was professional, yet caring and showing genuine interest in in every student. I love how she tells stories that help you later remember certain things.

Yasmina Martin

Great experience learned everything I need to know to get me started for my journey as a real estate agent, I highly will recommend bay academy to anybody who is looking to start there career. Pam and her daughter are very nice and genuine people who want to see others win!!

Keven Galdamez

I walked into the class not knowing anything about real estate. I was very impressed with the class, and would recommend anyone wanting to get into real estate to take the class. Pam took the time to answer our questions and explain the material to us. I had a wonderful experience.

Sherry Meador

This is a wonderful class that is very informative and prepares you well in order to pass both the class and state exams. Pam is awesome and makes the class both interesting and fun with her life stories. I highly recommend her and her company if you are looking to enter the real estate market and get the education you need to pass the exams!

Jeffrey Baker

If you’ve ever been interested in starting a career in real estate, The Bay Area Academy of Real Estate is a great start! Pam, the instructor, is very knowledgeable in everything about real estate. Her main goal is to ensure that everyone that walks through her doors has the confidence and capability of passing all exams! I will be back to see her when it is time for post license education courses! Don’t hesitate and sign up now!

Susan Arredondo

Ms. Pam is an amazing Instructor who is very knowledgeable of the real estate industry, its rules and regulations as well as the information needed to pass the pre-license course test and the Florida state test.
She ties the real life experiences from a Broker and a Sales Associate perspective together with the rules and regulations required by the state to help you the student understand what your being tested on.
Thank you again Ms.Pam for such an incredible week in your class. I'm looking forward to completing my post - license with you very soon in the coming months!

Roger Heusner

It really doesn’t get better than Pam and the Bay Area Academy of Real Estate. She did such a phenomenal job teaching us and was incredibly thorough, patient, kind, and funny! She helped make the material feel a little less dry and had tons of energy! You can tell she really wants her students to succeed, she is very genuine and real. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a real estate school, and I will definitely take the post sales associate course with her after I pass my state exam! 10/10. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mandy Wheeler

Best school in the area. Is no words to describe Pam, Is the kind of teacher that have the passion for teach and explain every detail as possible, in order you to be prepared and pass the estate exam.

Edward Moitt

Pam Vj - you changed my life!

I have never been book smart. In fact, I graduated high school with a 1.3 GPA. College was never ever apart my future. I’ve never known what I wanted to do in life and when I decided to go with real estate, I just googled “real estate school near me” and Bay Area Acedemy popped up and I just went with it. Thank god I did. Pam breaks the book down, explains and extracts exactly what it is they want you to know. She shares bits and pieces of her own career to give you insight and cares about every student. Thank you for everything Pam, see you on the flip side

Jurnie Havens

As many have stated already, Bay Area Academy of Real Estate provides you with all of the essential materials to help you succeed.

If you are looking for a great institution to get licensed, I suggest that you look no further. I hope to be using Bay Area Academy in the future for all my post-licensing and continuing-ed courses. Pam, the instructor is to be commended for a job well done!

Jason Dean

Wow Thank Goodness for PAM and Bay Area Academy of Real Estate! I had taken the Bert Rodgers self taught online class and felt so lost, confused, and overwhelmed about taking the state exam. I needed an in person teacher. I called Bay Area Academy and was luckily enough to have Pam answer the phone. She met with me immediately and went through everything. She was so insightful, patient, and knowledgeable. 6 days later I passed the State Exam my first time! I truly couldn't have done it without her. Thank you Pam for being my real estate angel!!!!

Danielle Trzcinski

I am so thankful for Pam and the Bay Area Academy of Realestate. Pam is extremely knowledgeable and really prepares you for your license. The class was informative, fun and made understanding all of the information so much easier! I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else or ever trying to learn all of the information on my own. I feel more prepared and confident thanks to these classes. Pam also treats everyone like family! You feel welcome and you can tell she has a passion for everyone to succeed. Thank you Pam!!

Doug McGrath

I highly recommend Bay Area Academy of Real Estate! Pam is great, and she made everyone feel welcome. Her knowledge and in person experiences made class fun and easy to understand. I went into our course exam feeling very prepared and I am sure I will feel the same way walking into the state exam. So glad I chose Bay Area Academy!!!

Cyndy Taylor

Pam made learning the material easy. She cares about her students and wants to help others succeed in the real estate industry.

Rico Johnson

This course was the best and most informative class! Pam is awesome! She does a fantastic job breaking down the topic so that you understand. Pam makes the learning process very smooth. She makes the class fun and personable, even giving some of her students funny nicknames to ensure she remembers their names. If you want to pass your exams, pay attention and study. I took the one-week course and passed my pre-exam. Don't waste your time and money going elsewhere. Thank you Pam!!!

Janet Vargas

I love Mrs. Pam- she is an excellent teacher . Takes her time and has a lot of patience and she always made sure we understood before she goes on to next chapter. I recommend her to everyone that wants to get into real estate .

Kim Nguyen

Loved this experience as well as it being one of the most stressful 2 weeks I have had in a long time Pam is amazing and really is one of the best teachers I have ever had! Met some interesting and fun people and am hopeful for my future career

Lydia Rivera

Hi Pam, I couldn't thank you enough. It was a wonderful class, I have PASSED the state exam! I am now signed up with a broker and am ready to do business, Thanks again.

Delores P.

Pam was a great teacher! She was very informative and helped us understand the information we were studying by relating it to real life situations. I highly recommend Bay Area Academy of Real Estate if you are looking for a class to prepare you for taking the state real estate exam. Even in the Distance learning course you’re still 100% part of the class.

Kelsey Johnson (KJ)

If you have the opportunity to be instructed by Pam please do yourself a HUGE favor and sign up!! If you are looking to start your career in real estate this is the perfect school for you. Pam provides real life experiences, and what you can honestly expect to experience once you receive your license.
Thank you Pam for being so passionate towards your students! I’ll be back soon to complete the next steps!

Adis Marcos

I strongly suggest taking this class! she is an amazing teacher. very helpful. will make sure you understand everything she teaches you. the best!

Stephanie Ferrara

Great school!
Pam is a gifted teacher and very good at telling stories that make the information stick. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone that wants to get their license.

Adam Lowe

Just finished the class and thoroughly enjoyed the way Pam teaches and how she makes the subjects easier to understand especially, when you're new to the real estate industry. I highly recommend her school. Thanks Pam!

Laurie Knotts

I highly recommend this course! It was well organized and the instructor Pamela Vjestica, is very knowledgeable, with excellent presentation skills!

Arben Ali

Absolutely amazing ! From start to finish !! - I took this course As a “refresher” after taking another (online) a while back to prep for the state test - I was blown away by the difference in the approach ! Pam “VJ” was amazing down to earth and really explains things to make them retainable ! Which is just what I needed !!! Class sizes are small which I liked because it made it feel more 1:1 and not so commercialized you can really see She loves what she does and puts her heart and soul into teaching !!! Hands down best school in the area in my opinion!!!

Laura S.

Just took the class. She kept it light and interesting, fun. Definitely going back for the Post course!! Highly recommend for anyone looking to get into the real estate business. Very informative with not a lot of fluff. See you after I complete my state Exam!!!

Daniel Kolick (DJ)

I cant rave about it enough! I had quite a few obstacles to overcome during my class. First, I havent been in a classroom in 15 years so the thought of jumping into all of that was daunting on top of jumping into a completely brand new field that I knew nothing about. I already work a full time job, but I have the luxury of a morning schedule so I have my afternoons free. When I looked into this school there was not an evening class available so I inquired about it and Pam opened one up. This class was 10 days long and I got sick on day 5.

Hallie Turner

Pam and team are exceptional, not only at teaching but also being human. I could not recommend a better instructor as you prepare for the Florida RE exams and beyond. If you're looking to put yourself in the best position to pass both the course and state exams on the first try definitely give them a look!

Obed C.

I cant say enough good things about this place! I was able to do classes online and still be at home with my 2 month old while partner works! The teacher is funny but also straight to the point ! The atmosphere is humble and welcoming, my classmates were also kind. I had such a great experience and I went into this terrified thinking I couldnt do it ESPECIALLY WITH A BABY

Pamela S.

Pam truly cares about the success of her students. She offers a great program that more than prepares you for the state exam, I would highly recommend.

Brent Johnson

Thanks so much Pam! I passed my state exam on my FIRST try, thanks to you.

Theresa S

This was an great class with an online option to work with your schedule. The instructor really went into detail and made things really easy to understand. Definitely recommend taking your classes here.

Anthony M.

I highly recommend this school to get properly prepared for the state exam. I enjoyed the small class size and Pam was professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. She also offers a state exam prep test which I am going to consider taking as well. I also like that the class was only one week

Lori Scarborough

She runs a stellar real estate school! Fun and friendly class environment! She really knows her stuff when it comes to teaching real estate! I had an awesome experience!

Harry Parker

What's not to love about this school? The in classroom size is perfect! The instructor is highly knowledgeable and the absolute best at what she does! I would greatly recommend this school if your looking to get into a career of real estate! Thanks again Pam "Vj"

Keishawna Malloy

GREAT JOB keeping students engaged. Pam is my favorite. 🙂

Sergio C.

Both Pamela and Nicole were AMAZING!! My class was the first out of the COVID gate and everything had to be done online. We went through Zoom together, WiFi not working right etc. But through it all, everything was immediately responded to.
The morning of my final exam (also online), things kept not happening right ( through no fault of the academy), and Pamela and Nicole were immediately in action to rectify the situation.
Pamela went so far as to tell me DONT panic and I will call you back when its fixed.
Nicole actually stayed on the phone with me through the log-in process to make sure I was good to go!
Bottom line- this school goes way above and beyond, no matter the circumstances, to make sure you get what you individually need as a student.

Nanette B.

Easy to understand, very relatable, I feel very prepared for state exam!

Michael Gonzalez

Best School Ever!!!
Pam, was the best teacher EVER!!
Making sure I understood the material. She was very professional, friendly and the atmosphere was very welcoming.

Griselle Vasquez

I recently attended the 63 hour evening class with Pamela. It was a great class extremely informative. She was a great teacher. I plan to use Bay Area Academy of Real Estate for my ongoing education needs, and would recommend her to anyone looking for a feature in real estate!

Derek Davis

So much material, so little time!! Thank goodness for Pamela!! She made passing this course a breeze!! Thanks Pam!!

Mariel Pilipajc

Such a great experience , understood her teaching ,would recommend her to anyone . Thank you for everything

Charity Alfonso

Absolutely the best real state course instructor I could have asked for. I am so happy that I chose Pam vj and Bay Area Real Estate!

Roy Newsome

Pam is great and genuinely cares about your success in the class. Class is fun, informative and straight to the point. I would highly recommend Bay Area Real Estate Academy to anyone looking to get licensed.

Samantha Kelly

Great class. Great instructor. Focuses on the important information for both the class exam and state exam!
Thank you Pam.

Joseph Sexton

I would highly recommend the Bay Area Academy of Real Estate to anyone wanting to get into real estate! This school made learning fun and enjoyable! The owner is highly skilled and able to zero in on what people need. I look forward to future post classes!

Pamela Amante

Pam went out of her way and made sure her students learned what was needed to pass our class . I recommend Bay Area academy of Real Estate they will guide you in the right direction.

Jackeline Ferrer

Pam was amazing she really went out of her way to make sure everyone in the class understood the material. I also loved the small class size. Couldn't have been better!

Chris Sellen

Pam does incredible, detailed, professional work towards helping her students pass and understand RE processes, policies, and success ! Thank you Pam !

Barbra Ruchie

Bar none the best Real estate school in Tampa bay area. Pam is the Best. I thank you again…

Harold Paredes

Trying to start this journey I knew that in class is the best way I learn. I’m so thankful I found this real estate school. Thank you, Pam, for teaching me. You are truly one amazing person inside and out!

Kari Hoster

I love the class very much, Pam has been a very talented teacher. She makes me understand the class so easily, I think I can’t do it without her help.

Lien Huynh

Such a Great experience from the beginning to the end. supper nice being a small class. Pam was awesome!

Joey Kenrick

I can truly say I enjoyed coming to school everyday! Pam is a fantastic teacher. I highly recommend this school.

Elyse McKinley

Pam is a master at what she does!

Joseph Mazzotta

Pam was great. She’s very personable and caring. She made everybody fee comfortable and welcome, the class was really small which makes it easier to learn and retain info.
The way she gives personal, real life examples and her experiences, to help us remember certain terms was great. It really helped me process and understand things! I highly recommend Pam & the Bay Area academy of real estate if you’re looking for a school.

I just passed my exam today & i look forward to telling her i pass the state!
Thanks again, Pam!

Sierra Wilson