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Course Information

  • Classrooms: No recording devices of any kind are allowed in the classroom.  This includes phones and computers. Regular class limit is 15 students max. Live Streaming holds no limits. 
  • Payment: All payments for class will be paid before the start of class on the first day. Deposits can be made online or at the office location during normal business hours and the remainder is due first day of class.
  • Deposit: Is non-refundable as it is used to reserve your seat for an in-classroom setting. Since our seating is limited we need to be sure of who is attending. We are more than happy to use your deposit towards the final amount of another class date in the future as a one time transfer.
  • Transfer: In the event of a one time transfer, whether paid in full or deposit placed, be sure to give at least 24 hours notice. We are mindful that things do happen and that’s no problem but please be respectful. If this is not done you will be charged a $50 transfer fee for short notice and inconvenience.
  • Supplies: It is suggested that you bring a pen, pencils, a calculator and something to take notes on. Two different colored highlighters are essential for the duration of the course. I will provide scrap-paper and have writing tools within the classroom if you are unable to. 
  • Books: Books for class are available for pickup at the office once deposit or full payment has been made. Delivery can be requested within 3-4 days in advance prior to class starting anything after may require an additional small flat rate fee. 
  • Refund: A partial refund will be given up until class has been started minus the cost of materials that have been issued. Deposits are non refundable, however if paid in full the remaining balance can be returned. Any decision to refund for books or materials will be at the schools discretion and the condition of the book will be considered (New condition)
  • Final Exam: If the student fails the final exam of the course they must wait 30 days to take the exam again and are only allowed one or must retake the course again. If the student wishes to sit in on a course before retaking the exam a second they can do so free of charge by contacting the office prior to.

Florida Exam Information

  • that you be 18 years old or older
  • have a high school diploma or its equivalent 
  • Submit Fingerprints   
  • approval of your state application    
  • that you complete and pass a state approved 63-hour course    
  • that you pass the state exam

Note:  You do not need to be a Florida resident to take the Florida exam.

Additional Resources

Phone: 888-204-6289
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