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Pre-Sales Licensing Online Course


After you purchase the course online you can begin immediately.

Course includes PDF textbook. You may also purchase the physical copy of the textbook under “Additional Prep Materials” up on the top of our website or follow this link: 

for $39 and no shipping fee to have it mailed out to you, just please provide your mailing address when checking book out.

The Online 63-Hour Real Estate Sales Associate Pre-licensing course includes

Contact Info

Course Duration

The course is active for six months from the date of purchase. It may be possible to have the course extended beyond the six months maximum. Please call our office for information.

Course Details

Questions About Course Material

An instructor is available Monday thru Friday from 9:00am to 9:00pm.

Technical Support or any other questions

Our office staff is available weekdays until midnight Eastern Time.

Course Approval

Course Outline

  • Practice Exam
  • Final Exam
  • Description
  1. The Real Estate Business
  2. License Law and Qualifications for Licensure
  3. License Law and Commission Rules
  4. Authorized Relationships, Duties, and Disclosure
  5. Real Estate Brokerage Activities and Procedures
  6. Violations of License Law, Penalties, and Procedures
  7. Federal and State Laws Pertaining to Real Estate
  8. Property Rights: Estates and Tenancies, Condominiums, Cooperatives, and Time Sharing
  9. Title, Deeds, and Ownership Restrictions
  10. Legal Descriptions
  11. Real Estate Contracts
  12. Residential Mortgages
  13. Types of Mortgages and Sources of Financing
  14. Computations and Closing of Transactions
  15. The Real Estate Market and Analysis
  16. Real Estate Appraisal
  17. Real Estate Investments and Business Opportunity Brokerage
  18. Taxes Affecting Real Estate
  19. Planning, Zoning, and Environmental Hazard
  20. Real Estate Math
  • 3 Hour Timed Exam
  • 100 Questions Multiple Choice
  • Score of 70% or Better to Pass

Course Exam Information

You cannot close out or use the back or previous button. If you exit the exam before you have a passing score, or fail the exam, you must wait thirty days before you can attempt it again.

Per Florida Administrative Code, students who do not pass the end-of-course exam are eligible for one additional exam attempt. Students must wait 30 days from the date of the original exam to retest. The second attempt must occur within one year of the date of the original exam. Otherwise, students failing the end-of-course exam must repeat the course prior to being eligible to take the end-of-course exam again.

AFTER submitting the final exam for grading, it is not possible for a student to go back and read the questions or see their answers. This is the case whether a student has passed the exam or otherwise.

System Requirements

  •  Internet Connection
  • The final exam requires a reliable internet connection.
  • Web Browser
  • PC: Internet Explorer or Firefox
  • Mac: Firefox
  • Safari and Chrome users can experience issues.
  • iPad and iPhone Users
  • Apple devices can be used to complete reading exercises. They can not display the optional interactive exercises. Users can experience issues during exams.
  • Helpful Software
  • Firefox
  • Adobe Reader

Requirements For Licensure

  • be at least 18 years of age.
  • have a high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • receive approval of your state application.
  • complete and pass a state approved 63-hour course.
  • pass a state examination.
  • You do not need to be a Florida resident.

State Application & Testing Process

Fill Out State Application

You can submit the application in two ways:

Submit Fingerprints

Complete the 63-hour Licensing Course

  • Completion slips are issued upon completion of the course.

Pass the State Exam

  • Before you can take your state exam, the state must approve your application for licensure. You must bring your completion slip with you to be permitted to test.
  • To schedule your exam, contact Pearson VUE, the state testing vendor. They have locations throughout the state. You can make an appointment online, or by calling (888) 204-6289
  • Schedule Exam Appointment Online
  • Pearson VUE Testing Locations
  • The exam fee paid to Pearson VUE is $36.75
  • The state exam is a 100 question multiple choice test with a passing score of 75%.
  • If you fail the exam, you may retake it as many times as necessary, at a cost of $36.75 each time, as soon as you can make a new appointment.