Student Testimonials

We are take pride in our courses and student success.  Don't take our word for it though, see what some of our former students have to say about their experience.

I highly recommend this course! It was well organized and the instructor Pamela Vjestica, is very knowledgeable, with excellent presentation skills!

Arben Ali

I strongly suggest taking this class! she is an amazing teacher. very helpful. will make sure you understand everything she teaches you. the best!

Stephanie Ferrara

I cant rave about it enough! I had quite a few obstacles to overcome during my class. First, I havent been in a classroom in 15 years so the thought of jumping into all of that was daunting on top of jumping into a completely brand new field that I knew nothing about. I already work a full time job, but I have the luxury of a morning schedule so I have my afternoons free. When I looked into this school there was not an evening class available so I inquired about it and Pam opened one up. This class was 10 days long and I got sick on day 5.

Hallie Turner

Pam and team are exceptional, not only at teaching but also being human. I could not recommend a better instructor as you prepare for the Florida RE exams and beyond. If you're looking to put yourself in the best position to pass both the course and state exams on the first try definitely give them a look!

Obed C.

I cant say enough good things about this place! I was able to do classes online and still be at home with my 2 month old while partner works! The teacher is funny but also straight to the point ! The atmosphere is humble and welcoming, my classmates were also kind. I had such a great experience and I went into this terrified thinking I couldnt do it ESPECIALLY WITH A BABY

Pamela S.

Hi Pam, I couldn't thank you enough. It was a wonderful class, I have PASSED the state exam! I am now signed up with a broker and am ready to do business, Thanks again.

Delores P.

This was an great class with an online option to work with your schedule. The instructor really went into detail and made things really easy to understand. Definitely recommend taking your classes here.

Anthony M.

Thanks so much Pam! I passed my state exam on my FIRST try, thanks to you.

Theresa S

GREAT JOB keeping students engaged. Pam is my favorite. :)

Sergio C.

Both Pamela and Nicole were AMAZING!! My class was the first out of the COVID gate and everything had to be done online. We went through Zoom together, WiFi not working right etc. But through it all, everything was immediately responded to.
The morning of my final exam (also online), things kept not happening right ( through no fault of the academy), and Pamela and Nicole were immediately in action to rectify the situation.
Pamela went so far as to tell me DONT panic and I will call you back when its fixed.
Nicole actually stayed on the phone with me through the log-in process to make sure I was good to go!
Bottom line- this school goes way above and beyond, no matter the circumstances, to make sure you get what you individually need as a student.

Nanette B.