Exam Prep Materials 

Listed under this section is additional materials offered and created by Pamela Vjestica, the owner and instructor of the Bay Area Academy of Real Estate. Pam has been a Realtor for over 20 years and has dedicated herself and time to providing straightforward facts, tips and tricks to help new Real Estate Agents get closer to success.   

Digital State Exam Flashcard Bundle

Two digital flashcard decks provided. Deck 1: State Exam Key Terms and Deck 2: State Exam Key Questions. Over 500 flashcards to study. With read out loud feature and ability to create multiple decks within your own account.

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Price: $59.99

Florida State Math Prep Examinator

Are you nervous about the math portion of the exam? Is math not your favorite subject? Well the, say hello to your little friend! This brand new math workbook includes: over 70 math questions and answers to practice, important tips throughout, need to know formulas and a notes section for your own records and progress. All inclusive and into the nitty gritty to help increase your likelihood of passing the Florida State Real Estate Exam.


Price: $25.00